SCA Prawning Team Building @ Punggol

Dear Members,

Greetings from the Singapore Chefs’ Association!

The Singapore Chefs’ Association is proud to organize another social activity for its members. This month, members will get to enjoy the fun of group prawning at Hai Bin Finest Prawning, Punggol.

Living in an urban city like Singapore usually means getting our prawns from air-conditioned supermarkets. One by one, the crustaceans are laid out neatly on glistening beds of ice, and all we have to do is pick them up and go.

Let us get a chance to try our hands at prawning Hai Bin (Punggol), and you will be surprise with the experience and how deliciously fun and entertaining it can be for a city person. The idea of touching live worms and cutting up bits of raw flesh as hook bait, reeling in a flailing prawn out of a contained pool, would spark joy and excitement to most.

We will work with you to ensure the event focusses on our objectives. We will develop team’s cohesiveness, productivity and communication – all the time ensuring that fun remains as a theme throughout with team challenge or individual challenge.


Venue:                6 Tebing Lane Singapore 828835 (Beside Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant)
Time:                           10am (meeting time) – 1pm
Date:                            2nd July 2017 (Sunday)
Attire:                           Light clothing
Meal:                            BBQ of the Prawns and a light lunch will be provided 

Closing Date for Registration:     28 June 2017 or once 80 paxs is reached

Getting there:
Bus:                                        3,50,83,85
Nearest MRT station:           Punggol (Change to LRT)
Nearest LRT:                         Riveria (4 stop from Punggol station)
                                               5 mins walk from Riveria LRT station

We open to member that RSVP are entitled to bring 2 family members

Should you have any queries on the Prawning Activity, please do not hesitate to contact me at +65 9636 5607 or via email

To Register For Event:
Please email to:
Name: ________________________________________
SCA membership No: ____________________________
Contact No: ____________________________________

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