Mission Statement

With a history of more than twenty five years, the Singapore Chefs Association is the official government recognised non profit oriented national chefs association representing professional cooks in the local food and beverage industry. With a membership strength of more than 700 individual members and more than 60 corporate members, the SCA umbrella includes two strategic sub alliances, the Singapore Pastry Alliance and Singapore Junior Chefs Club. SCA also represents Singapore as a national member in the World Association of Chefs Socities (WACS), the global world chefs association encompassing more than 90 over member countries.

The main objective of SCA is to be the official voice representing chefs working in Singapore in various engagements with the local community, government and fellow food and beverage associations. SCA also establishes and mentors the National Culinary Team for international competitions locally and overseas. The educational and social activities promote interaction and networking among members and helps to train the culinary workforce to improving skills and productivity standards in their respective workplaces.

With its diverse portfolios, the association is managed by a team of dedicated committee members led by SCA President, Chef Eric Neo. The entire committee is made of members who volunteer their personal time in managing the various portfolios throughout the year.