President’s Message

Dear Members,

Happy New Year!

The past 1 year has been tough for every industry, especially hospitality. In the F&B industry, restaurants are struggling to stay open. Chefs are at risk of losing jobs due to closures. It’s not only happening here but all around the world.

We are very lucky that in Singapore, we have a good government that has the vision to bring us out of this global pandemic. Government agencies quickly came into the picture to advise different industries on managing the situations, such as STB and SHA, who came to together to join forces, to ensure that Singapore is safe.

There are also many opportunities created during this time, such as food deliveries. We see many who have not cooked, start to cook for their family or even sell their dishes online. This allows those of us, who have been too caught up in this busy and fast paced society, to take a step back and enjoy the family time.

I am glad, though, that we are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel – we are now in a phase of opening up again and recovery for our industries.

SCA has also been working with the agencies to ensure our profession stays active and robust during the downtime. One of the key things is to ensure we have additional trainings to upgrade ourselves in order to bounce back in the fastest possible scenario. Our partnership with NTUC and CAW Academy created many upgrading programs for chefs to take up.

Another good news is, our collaboration with STB to bid for the Worldchefs Congress 2024 was a success. You can now look forward to thousands of chefs from over 100 countries visiting and experiencing Singapore, which is something we are very proud of.

We also have a new membership online portal where you are able to join our family of chefs anywhere!

As we strive to drive new membership this year the web address to go is :

Do encourage and help to spread this to your friends whom are chefs and not yet a member.

As we did not have any activities in 2020 due to the Covid-19 restrictions– 2020 AGM will not take place.

For those whom are looking for a job, do send your CV to

We will keep a lookout for you!

As always, we want to serve our members, do let us know what you want to see from Singapore Chefs’ Association as well.

My committee and I wish all of you a great start for 2021 and hope to see all of you soon!

Meanwhile do stay safe.

Chef Eric Neo
Singapore Chefs Association