Dear Members, Corporate Partners, and Friends,

I am honoured by this opportunity to serve as the President of Singapore Chefs’ Association.

It is a heavy responsibility and I will do my best, especially where the past presidents, Eric Teo, Otto Weibel and my predesseor: Edmund Toh, whom have all done great for the association.

I will discharge my duties faithfully in the best interest for our members and the culinary profession. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of you for your support, good wishes and words of encouragement.

Having served in the committee since 2002 and helming different portfolios over the past 16 years, I strongly believe together with my committee we are able to do greater things and have the SCA’s name constantly known to the industry and the world.

I will also ensure that SCA’s objectives of the following four points are met!

a) Grouping elite culinary professionals and creating links of friendship co-operation and mutual understanding.
b) Promote cooking, high quality products and technical knowledge.
c) Be a major influence in the training & standards of the culinary profession within the culinary institutes
d) Foster information and communication within all levels of the hospitality industry and working closely with tourism and government agencies.

MY Vision for SCA is based on 3 key areas –

1) Improvement in the membership growth- The newly launched SG Chefs App allows you to sign up and make payment immediately hence making recruitment drives much seamless and less paperwork while contributing cost savings to our mailers and distributions.

2) Young Chefs development- By offering scholarships and opportunity to be mentored by our national team members through master classes and continuous education, while recognising the past members whom have great contributions to our association.

3) Creating a sustainable and “Win-Win” platform for corporate companies who joined the association to have confidence and opportunites to showcase their capabilities to the larger F&B industry.

I am energized and motivated as I am sure the newly elected committee for 2020 which will serve this term with me will help me in achieving our goals.

With Culinary Regards,

Chef Eric Neo
Singapore Chefs Association