Singapore Pastry Cup 2019

Dear all Pastry Chefs, Chefs ,Friends & Partners,

The Singapore National Culinary & Pastry team has built a stellar reputation over the past 27 years for winning many international culinary championship competitions having many accolade to attest to the world that we are in the heart of the Global gourmet scene.

Needless to say for these National achievements, it would not have been possible without the unwavering and continuous support from hospitality partners and professionals like yourself. 

The Singapore Chefs’ Association , Singapore Pastry Alliance and SHATEC  are proud to announce we have a pre-selection of National Team pastry Chefs competition on the 26th July 2019

The competitors will have 7.5 hours to prepare and the venue of contest is at SHATEC 21 Bukit Batok Street 22, 659589

This event aims to promote the fine art of patisserie through:

  • Assistance in pre-selecting Pastry Chefs to participate the Asian Pastry Cup 2020 in Singapore/ Mondial des Arts Sucrés 2020 (MDAS) in Paris/ Global Pastry Chef 2020 in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Launch a platform for communications and learning among pastry chefs enthusiasts within the Singapore Hotels, Clubs,  pastry shops & Restaurants circuit
  • Create opportunities for pastry chefs to continually better their skills in the art of patisserie.
  • Established itself as a  hub for the exchange of Pastry skills and arts.

Participants will be judged on their professional skills and their ability to provide a practical demonstration of the latest trends and progress in the art of pastry to an audience, focusing on the ability to be well-prepared, well-balanced, and well-presented diversified dishes.

We are sending you this letter to seek either yourself as a  competitor OR support by encouraging your Pastry Chef/Colleagues for this pre-selection. With your support to the Singapore Pastry Alliance, may you play an integral role of having in the pride of having fly our country’s flag in the international arena.

Attached are the pre-selection rules and application form for your perusal.

Singapore Pastry Cup 2019 Letter

Sinagpore Pastry Cup Registration Form 2019

The DEADLINE to provide an application form and a detailed recipe form is by 16th  of June 2019

Should you require any further information or clarification, please feel free to contact me at 97209211

Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Gary Lim

President, Singapore Pastry Alliance
Member of Singapore Chefs’ Association

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