StandUpforCleaners by At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, in collaboration with Valrhona and Classic Fine Foods, is running a nation-wide initiative, #StandUpforCleaners? to express sincere gratitude to the cleaners in Singapore.

  • StandUpforCleaners, the second segment of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy public service campaign, aims to kick start a wave of gratitude and community appreciation towards the cleaners in Singapore for working tirelessly to keep us safe this COVID-19 period.
  • Together with 10 MOE schools and our industry partners, they are whisking and baking up to 48,000 chocolate cookies, brownies and brioches for #StandUpforCleaners.
  • At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy targets for 4,000 neighbourhood cleaners to receive these gourmet items. 
  • At-Sunrice chef instructors have made three  instructional videos for all to follow. If you have an oven, do bake and let the cleaners know they are not invisible and we appreciate them. Do share your handmade goodies with the cleaners in your estates or school. Also join our #StandUpforCleaners social media campaign to spread the word! 

Here are the videos: 

Chocolate Cookies Instructional Video

Chocolate Brioche Instructional Video

Chocolate Pecan Brownies Instructional Video

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