Singapore Chefs’ Association, together with Worldchefs Feed The Planet initiative, is proud to partner Electrolux in the following project.

#HappyPlateSG 2017 is a continuation of Electrolux’s commitment on food waste reduction with a focus on educating the public about expiring food.

Titled #SeasonYourEx, this initiative aims to familiarise consumers on food labels and encourage consumers to reduce food wastage in their homes. Simple actions such as checking the food pantries regularly for expiring canned food or our refrigerators for leftover food or expiring food items can go a long way.

What is expiring food?
It refers to food that has possibly passed its optimum period of quality of freshness, but it does not necessarily mean it is spoilt or unfit for consumption. Various types of food deteriorate at different rate.

Expiry dates on foods do not mean it is no longer edible; it is just a recommended timeline to enjoy it at its optimum, or a guide to the best date by which it should be consumed. It does not necessarily mean it is any less nutritious.

For foods to spoil due to bacteria or self-degeneration, before or after expiry dates, the following conditions must be present:

  • Oxygen
  • Time
  • Right temperature
  • Right environment (PH, salinity or sweetness level)
  • Moisture

If you take out any of the above, you may be able to preserve some foods for longer.

Join The Movement
Join us in reducing food wastage for Singapore and our planet!
All you have to do is:

Find out more here happyplate.sg . Entries can be notified to Electrolux at tran-ha.giang@electrolux.com 

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