Cerafusion™ Technology, a leading edge patented technology

The Cerafusion™ Technology, a leading edge patented technology designed to produce : Massive amounts of ions and controlled levels of ozone. This is achieved when a high voltage is driven through the Cerafusion™ Ion and Ozone module.


The current ways of sanitising and cleaning environments with heavy usage of chemicals are not sustainable and eco-friendly. Chemical Free Cleaning (CFC) is the way to go !


The Air+Surface Sterilizer has a patented technology which emits active oxygen (otherwise known as ozone) which is very effectively sanitise the environment by eliminating viruses and bacteria by up to 99.9% in the air and on surfaces. The system is safe to run 24/7, it constantly provides the sterilisation of all surfaces, anywhere that air can go, it can sterilise. Because it combats and kills bacteria and viruses, one of the most notable differences is the change in smell in the air, it eradicates the bacteria that causes the bad odour.


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